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Song of the Week

Every week we will bring you a song that we have been hammering lately. It might be a new release, but equally it might be an album track, or something that was released a while ago which we have only just discovered and/or come to truly appreciate.

Paloma Faith – Just Be

We have to confess to not being massive fans of Paloma’s music. It’s nothing she’s done, per se, other than come across as a bit ‘New Boring’ and Emile-Sandé-like with her music. Indeed, we’ve seen her on a few panel shows (as well as those slightly odd VEVO-sponsored cooking-at-home clips on Youtube) and admired her likeable, outgoing personality and ridiculous attire choices, yet even this failed to stir us into bothering with her music. However, we aren’t too proud to admit when we’re wrong, and we have been listening to ‘Fall To Grace’ lots this week. ‘Just Be’ is instantly the stand out track, no mean feat considering the album is extremely consistent in quality. Having not followed the campaign, we incorrectly assumed this would have been the killer first single, but upon finding that it was in fact the last single released from the album – with a UK chart peak of #66 – we thought that perhaps this is better left as a bit of an undiscovered treasure.

So on to the song; we suppose the snow has left us feeling wistfully romantic and longing for elegant and exquisite music to enter our ear-holes rather than one of the many sonic turds littering the singles chart right now. A song with minimal production – a beautiful piano refrain comprising most of the backing track – allows Paloma’s vocals to truly come to the forefront. When she urges us ‘Don’t say nothing’, followed by a dramatic ’shh!’ and a brief silence, we eagerly await what Paloma has in store for us. And whilst she does allow her vocals to soar on the middle 8, she still retains control of them, so rather than overcooking it like a wailing banshee, she comes across as classy and adds a profound and credible touch to the lyrics. The song is an old-fashioned love song declaring an old-fashioned love (“Let’s get old together / Let’s be unhappy forever / Cause there’s no one else in this world / That I’d rather be unhappy with”) leaving us feeling sufficiently cathartic by the end of the song.

VERDICT: What a lovely warming, wintry and wistful song.


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