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Blast From The Past

In this irregular series we will be looking at some of those, ahem, “lost classics”, which we have recently found as a result of taking the cushions off the sofa. Ground rules are that the song in question must be over ten years old. We are not aiming to pick ‘cheesy’ songs from your youth and ours, but rather remind you of a time when pop music meant much, much more than Nicki Minaj and LMFAO. We also wish to remind you of some pop acts whom were actually pretty decent, but of whom you may have forgotten.

Catatonia – Mulder And Scully

We haven’t really got all that much to say about this song, other than we’re pretty sure that it’s the only Catatonia song we could hum you the tune to. To be fair, we were quite young when it was released, and it was their highest charting effort, at the sharp end of the hit parade with a UK #3. Anyway, in this delightful slice of 90’s “indie” (read: not indie), we find ourselves enjoying pretending to be Welsh. And that’s not something you can say often, unless you’re busy watching Gavin & Stacey and doing impressions of Nessa.

The ‘stop doing what you … keep doing’ line really is the thing that makes this song. The thing that makes us remember it. Without that, and the reference to the X-Files that went right over our heads, the song wouldn’t have all that much to it.

Well, we do wonder why they didn’t use an ampersand in the title. We suppose using an ampersands in song titles was more of a 2000’s trend really. And that’s that.


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