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Blast From The Past

In this irregular series we will be looking at some of those, ahem, “lost classics”, which we have recently found as a result of taking the cushions off the sofa. Ground rules are that the song in question must be over ten years old. We are not aiming to pick ‘cheesy’ songs from your youth and ours, but rather remind you of a time when pop music meant much, much more than Nicki Minaj and LMFAO. We also wish to remind you of some pop acts whom were actually pretty decent, but of whom you may have forgotten.

Billie Piper – Day & Night

First things first. This song, despite having that unmistakeable 90’s sound down to a tee, was actually released in 2000. Thus we are not directly contradicting our last post where we concluded that the usage of an ampersand in a song title was more of a 2000’s trend than a 90’s thing.

We’re not quite sure what to think when we think about Billie Piper. Images of her and Chris Evans getting down and dirty quite frankly disturb us more than words can ever convey, but nonetheless this is not the only horror lurking in Billie’s past. We think of her annoying hair in the ‘Because We Want To’ video. Yes, it really was that bad. Yes, Piper was insulting us, and popstars the world over, by trying to launch a pop career with that monstrosity atop her head. We also think of her acting ‘career’, which didn’t really have much more substance behind it than the Evans marriage or her pop career, what with her acting “highlight” being when she stripped repeatedly for ITV2. Not even for a terrestrial channel!!! We think about how she wasn’t even originally named Billie when she was born. But then, we think we are being too harsh on Billie. She is married to the dishy Lawrence Fox, and likely has made enough money now to never have to work again. We all make mistakes. We realise that somewhere, just somewhere, there is a glimmer of redemption, an olive branch offered to us from Billie, and it is gifted to us in the form of ‘Day & Night’.

When we look at Billie Piper in our iTunes library, we are ‘greeted’ with the sight of ‘Honey To The Bee’ and ‘Because We Want To’. Sandwiched between these two ‘treats’ (read: horrors), however, is an actual treat, in the form of ‘Day & Night’. Sounding exactly like a Backstreet Boys or Britney track, but obviously a year or two later, the song is genuinely really catchy and stands up to repeated listens thirteen years later. 

Lyrically it’s boring, but does cleverly allude to sex without being explicitly obvious to the pre-teenage girls who probably made up most of her fanbase. And what can we say, we love the rhyme of ‘The only time I think of you / Is every day and all night through’. Nice execution, although perhaps ‘Is every day, it’s all I do’ would have been nicer, albeit more obvious. Extra points for the ludicrous line ‘I wish you were at my door’. The video is an ode to the days when major labels had loads of cash to splash on UK popstars (that many backing dancers don’t come cheap), with a pleasing dance routine and “sexy”-looking Billie to boot. Bravo, everyone!

On the minus side, there are no nonsensical chants, which almost always makes us slightly sad, although it does have some very faint ‘ahhhs’ in the middle 8, which will suffice. Production-wise, it does what it aims to do very very well, and actually, Billie’s vocals do sound quite nice here. 

Of course we could pick faults in old songs all day if we wanted to, but we genuinely do really like this tune. Well done Billie Piper.


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