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Song of the Week

Every week we will bring you a song that we have been hammering lately. It might be a new release, but equally it might be an album track, or something that was released a while ago which we have only just discovered and/or come to truly appreciate.

The Saturdays – What About Us

Having had time to live with this song, and modify our Satpectations, we are happy to now endorse the latest Saturdays song as a jolly good pop romp. Of course, unless you have been living in a cave, you will be aware that The Sats are conquering America, or trying their damn best to at least. Doubtless spurred on by the so-called ‘British Invasion’, and by a sheer determination not to let Cher Lloyd be the only female UK “pop” artist making waves in the US, ‘What About Us’ is the lead single in the US, and basically a carefully-crafted ‘introduction song’ (or debut single). And this is why we can let the fact that they are ‘pretending to be Jamaican’ (as our friend Alice remarked casually to us) slide. One thing we cannot let slide is the “ft Sean Paul” version which has carelessly been tossed aside, like an unloved school dinner, to UK radio stations, and therefore we are talking about the US version of the song. Really, “ft Sean Paul”?!?! We’d rather another “ft Flo-Rida” if there had to be a rent-a-rapper. At least they have past form together, and it’s not like it’s 2006 anymore.

Things we like about the song:

  • Those ‘Jamaican’ accents. 
  • The beat.
  • The vocal effects. 
  • The vocals themselves. 
  • Nonsensical chants present and correct (‘na na na na na’ repeated 3 times in the chorus). 
  • The BEAT!
  • Whilst the lyrics are not clever, and are typical Britney/Rihanna in their ‘come and fuck me’ theme, we do like the ‘Whatcha doing to my head / Should be here with me instead / What about those words you said?’ triplet. Because, you see, with the ‘na na’ reply, it’s a little like The Sats are going crazy answering their own questions because they have convinced themselves that ‘it’ is not going to happen, and they are literally ‘na’ ing to get these horrible thoughts out their silly little heads. That’s relatable craziness right there. As you know by now, we like our popstars slightly deranged
  • The lack of a question mark from the song title. Whilst this would normally be filed under the ‘poor grammar, must sort out, to the front of classroom for you’ section, we like how the lack of a question mark demonstrates the intent behind the song. The Saturdays are not asking ‘What about us?’ They are DEMANDING ‘WHAT ABOUT US’. See point above, re: craziness.

Things we do not like about the song:

  • The dubstep gloomwobble: This is starting to feel really dated, and not just in a ‘Taylor Swift 2012’ way, but in a ‘Britney Femme Fatale 2011’ way. Please, pop, stop this NOW. This can be the last gloomwobble pop song ever released.
  • The Amerification of The Saturdays
    Yes, we get that the whole point of The Saturdays taking over America is that, you know, they actually have the tunes to back it up. But we fell in love with The Anglicised Saturdays. Would the American Saturdays EVER have gone near ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’? Nope. Would they have ever released something like ‘Missing You’? Doubtful. And these are some of the moments which make The Saturdays The Saturdays, rather than a more popular incarnation of Sugababes 4.0, which is what they are in high danger of turning into with releases such as this. 
  • The video. See above. The Saturdays image when they first came out was not based on their fuckosity. You deserve better, girls. 

Basically we like this song, despite its flaws. Well done The Saturdays. UK release date, March 17th. Chart prediction: #3.


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