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Girls Aloud – Ten Tour Review

We saw Girls Aloud at the MEN Arena, Manchester, on March 6th. We’ve taken a while to gather our thoughts on the concert. For one thing, we were fairly drunk that night, not just on copious amounts of white wine, but also on seeing Girls Aloud live for the first time. Therefore, the concert seems like it was over in a blur, and we wanted to have enough time to reflect upon the experience.

The girls put on an amazing show. One thing we will say is how quickly we warmed to Sarah. For a large portion of the concert, Sarah was the nearest Aloud member to us. She looked so very very pretty in real life, as compared to those grizzly tabloid shots where her face often looks a bit mangled. She sings two of our favourite parts of Girls Aloud songs, in ‘walking primrose’ and ‘take a walk on the wild siiiiide’. This all made us absolutely fall head over heels in love with her. She seemed to be interacting with the crowd a lot when she wasn’t dancing or singing, too. We saw her making love hearts to those at the front, and later on throwing something, probably a set list, to them, but failing due to a pathetic throw, and we think she got a bit emotional at one point, bless her.

We loved Nadine’s accent, although you can imagine the other girls can tire of it pretty quickly. We loved Nicola full stop. We were fascinated by Cheryl, partly because it was “the” Cheryl Cole in front of us, partly because we wanted to see how well she could sing, and partly because we were frankly baffled by how much the crowd seemed to go crazy for her in comparison to the others. We can’t remember too much about Kimberly, but she certainly can’t “not sing” as we had previously suspected. We suppose when you are ‘competing’ (as it were) alongside such wonderful singers as Nadine, Sarah and Nicola, it is easy to fade into the background. We would like to emphasise how impressed we were with Sarah’s singing. We were also impressed by Nadine and Nicola, but not as much as by Sarah.

In terms of the set list, we wanted to cry when we realised The Loving Kind wasn’t being performed. We didn’t appreciate Life Got Cold very much. We enjoyed Call Me Maybe at the time, but we thought afterwards that we’d rather have had it sacrificed for The Loving Kind. We enjoyed Jump at the time, but that was also a bit unnecessary. We liked Stand By You, but not as an encore(!!) Anyway, despite these quibbles with the set list, we enjoyed all the other tracks, so that is good. Something New, The Promise, Untouchable and Whole Lotta History were probably particular highlights for us. Beautiful Cause You Love Me was very touching, and we took lovely pictures of the MEN arena glowing with everyone’s mobile phones aglow and aloft. It was a very very beautiful moment and has made us appreciate the song a whole lot more.

The ‘segues’, or whatever you want to call them, were entertaining enough. We got excited when we heard Models being used a background music for one of these, and the accompanying videos were cute enough. We appreciate that there was officially enough time to go to the toilet and come back whilst the girls were changing costumes. The “intro” to Something Kinda Ooh was also an amazing segue, with a long long build up very well done.

We liked the use of the B stage, small though it seemed (almost too small) – but it was just the perfect setting for Whole Lotta History and Untouchable. The laserbeam style lights in Untouchable were the finishing touch, which made us want to cry. Of course we loved the flying ‘Girls Aloud’ platform which the girls travelled on, although it was a damn shame they couldn’t really dance on it – Sexy No No No is so good that it deserves a full routine. Never mind.

All in all then an amazing experience. If Girls Aloud did another run of the tour later on in the year we would definitely go again. Here are a couple of high-quality pictures to finish with.

Beautiful staging for a beautiful song: Untouchable

The flying Girls Aloud platform


World famous ‘Promise’ choreography and nice sparkly dresses



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