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In Praise of… Nicole Scheringer’s Midweek Number One

We are absolutely astounded by news that Nicole Scherzinger’s ‘Boomerang’ sits atop the midweek charts. As you may recall, we are fans of the Scherzo and we gave ‘Boomerang’ a glowing review. However, we feel that the UK chart-buying public very rarely know a good thing when they hear it, based on the fact that the top 40 (and in particular the top 10) is full of a load of absolute bollocks these days.

Add to this Scherzinger’s bewildering empty promo schedule for the single. Mainly due to loyally sticking to a 90’s style 6 weeks impact date between video release and actual single release, it seems to have compromised solely of an absolute hot mess of a performance on ‘Let’s Dance For Comic Relief’, a performance for the gays at Heaven in London, and a big missed opportunity in the shape of no performance on the Dancing on Ice final. This surely should have been a stipulation of her X Factor contract.

Then take into consideration that Kiss FM seem to be the only radio station actually playing the damn song, and the song isn’t even top 50 (!) in the airplay charts. Radio One have decided to snub the tune on basis of there being ‘more important releases’ out at the same time. The chart-buying public clearly disagrees.

Then, finally, add to all this the fact that Nicole doesn’t really have much of a loyal, supportive fanbase, certainly not one in the same way acts like The Saturdays and Girls Aloud do. Therefore it seems unlikely that, a la every single Saturdays release ever, sales are extremely front-loaded by pre-orders from over-zealous fans.

Doubtless the song will go tumbling down the chart come Sunday, rather like a boomerang, but to scale the heights of a midweek number one given all the conditions mentioned above seems like a mammoth achievement. We salute you Nicole Scherzinger. You are a true popstar.


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