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Song Of The Week

Like an irrepressible urge to go to the toilet, it’s yet again time for song of the week.

Garçon Garçon – Maybe Tonight

This week’s song choice comes courtesy of the gift that keeps on giving, aka listening to our top rated tunes in iTunes on shuffle. It was one of those songs by one of those acts which was instantly memorable yet rapidly forgettable. We don’t really know much about Garçon Garçon, although a quick Google reveals that they are from Sydney, that barely anyone listens to them, and that their career “highlight” so far is remixing Patrick Wolf’s ‘Together’. They have quite gay aesthetics, which is fine by us but if you’re not a fan then you’d better close your (ear)holes.

Genre-wise, this is a delicious slice of electropop, which explains why we aren’t able to say no to it. We have a demo version of the song dating from 2011 (which we’ve linked to above), and needless to say the version you can buy on iTunes or listen to on the band’s website is a lot more polished. We actually much, much prefer the unpolished version, as it goes, although this is not a rule to apply to all areas of life.

The lyrics are ace and deceptively simple. We do wish there were a few more of them. ‘Maybe he’ll be out there, tonight / Maybe he’ll be somewhere, tonight’ and ‘Maybe the stars will align, tonight / Maybe he’ll know my name, tonight.’ That last one literally slays us with its amazingness. The euphoria induced by the song is akin to the subject of the song. It’s not a song about desperately going out on the pull, it’s a song about that accidental moment when you’re out and a bit drunk and you do pull. And you weren’t even meaning to. That’s our interpretation anyway, and we’re sticking to it.

What a charming little ditty.


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