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Song Of The Week

Like an irrepressible urge to go to the toilet, it’s yet again time for song of the week.

Kelly Rowland – Down For Whatever

In a week where Girls Aloud have officially split, and The Saturdays ft. Sean Paul is headed for the number one spot on the UK charts, we have been feeling a desperate need for some light relief. Fortunately, one lady is dedicated to providing us with a few LOLs mixed with some danceable ditties. The premier of the ‘Kisses Down Low’ video, where Kelendria looks genuinely stunning, as though she is in her early 20s, and the visuals are just really fun, turned us on to K-Row. We thought of how messy the campaign for ‘Here I Am’ was, with its 6 singles, some released in Europe and not the US, or vice versa. And then we watched her frankly underwhelming X Factor performance. Then we googled ‘Down For Whatever’ and found out it was a UK #6 smash!

Anyway, we decided to download ‘Down For Whatever’ and we are glad we did. Perhaps best known by some as an ‘anal sex jam’ thanks to a parodic Twitter account set up when K-Row was an X Factor judge, there is no getting away from the fact that it’s production sounds extremely similar to J.Lo’s ‘On The Floor’. That’s thanks to RedOne’s rather liberal policy to recycling beats. No worries, though, as the song is just all out hilarity. ‘When it comes to you I could make love on the floor’. That line, mixed with a banging backing track, and we need say NO MORE.


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