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You know the charts are in a bad state when idiots (aka ‘the chart buying public’) are purchasing “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” by “PJ & Duncan” in droves. This is the problem with an entirely download-based chart, and presumably the reason Billboard includes airplay figures in compiling their chart positions. OK, buying ‘novelty’ songs for “fun” to get them to the top of the charts is not a new concept – Bob the Builder and Crazy Frog amongst hundreds of others can tell you that – and neither are ‘download’ campaigns such as Chris Moyles’ Honey To The Bee one in 2007, or the infamous Rage Against The Machine ‘Cowell protest’ in 2009. The fact that a few thousand idiots (and yes, we are dealing with idiots here, with many yesterday tweeting Ant & Dec to claim that the song was sitting atop the “official UK chart” – note to these idiots, the iTunes chart is not the official UK chart and there are many more places to buy a single than iTunes) have somewhat kickstarted this sick Big Reunion inspired crusade to get literally any old shit to the top of the charts. The charts are bad enough as they are at the minute, without us needing to send shit 90s tunes to the upper echelons of it.

The fact that we really enjoy the current #1 song, and think it’s one of the best in a long time, actually has nothing to do with this outburst. We’d be equally annoyed were Timberlake or P!nk, or even bloody Bruno Mars, sitting atop the charts.

Note: This article was written before it came to light that Ant & Dec are donating any profits from the single to charity. Whilst this is a commendable and generous act from the geordie duo, we still retain our right to hold our views as stated in the article.


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