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Song of The Week – New Favourite Song Edition

Like an irrepressible urge to go to the toilet, it’s yet again time for song of the week. This week it’s a song that we’re enjoying so much, it’s become our new favourite song. 

Mika ft. Ariana Grande – Popular Song

Mika. The curly-haired high-pitched singer with an impressive string of popfoolish hits from his debut album, but few golden moments since. Lead single from his latest album, Celebrate ft. Pharrell Williams, was enjoyable at first. However the song rapidly worsened after a few listens, and the single failed to chart in the UK despite very strong airplay from BBC Radio 2. Although the “campaign” very much stopped at this point in the UK, in the US, an album track was reswizzled with a faster tempo, a new featured singer in the form of Ariana Grande, and released as a single. This helped it become Mika’s second biggest song in the US. Apparently she’s in a Nickelodeon sitcom named Victorious. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter who she is; what matters is the part she plays in the song.

Popular song is a “cover version” of the Wicked song Popular, but at the same time it’s a song in its own right. You could say it ‘heavily borrows’  from Popular. Anyway, it’s the most catchy song we have heard in a long long long time. Probably in all of 2013, and yes, we are counting What About Us in that. By 0:06 there is already a satisfying ‘aaaaah-ahhh’. The vocals are amazing. Mika particularly sounds good, but the girl isn’t bad either. Their voices mesh together surprisingly well. Lyrically, the song is very much ‘Born This Way/Wings’-esque; file it under self-help for those with confidence problems. We are very much tiring of this theme, but either way, the line ‘Dunk me in the toilets, now it’s you that cleans them’ is humorous enough. Other than this, the bouncy backing track, the clever way the verse lines are dished out between Mika and the girl (creating some nice interplay, and many a background ‘bum-bum’ and ‘ahh-oooh’, we don’t feel like we need to justify why this is such a popfoolish hit.


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