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Song of the Week

Like an irrepressible urge to go to the toilet, it’s yet again time for song of the week.

Misha B – Here’s To Everything (Ooh La La)

This song is literally amazing. Even its introduction tells you that the song is going to be amazing, with its drum and bass influence. Following the wondrous ‘Do You Think Of Me?’, Here’s To Everything is the third single from Misha’s still unreleased album. The only (decent) X Factor UK act with a release schedule almost as ludicrous as Misha B that we can recall was Aiden Grimshaw, but at least his people chucked out album Misty Eye after his second single. Misha built up a lot of goodwill and momentum with Do You Think Of Me?, and the label perhaps should have capitalised on its success and released the album.

Anyway, this song is different enough from debut single Home Run and Do You Think Of Me? to hint that Misha’s album is probably going to be the most interesting pop release of 2013 (if MKS actually release their album this year, then Misha will probably be knocked down to second place on this list). The bassline is infectious, with a delightful uplifting topline where Misha can nonsensically sing her ‘ooh la la la’s (borrowed, of course, from The Fugees) and her ‘dee-dee-dee-dee-dum’s, so that the song glides along. The song has a really good build up, and one criticism of the song is that it could use a bigger breakdown at some point. In fact, we’d love to here a 6 minute extended version of the song with a bigger build up and such a breakdown included. Misha looks like a proper Pop Star (capital letters) in the video for the song. The lyrics aren’t the song’s strong point, but they are certainly very 2013 friendly and thus should appeal to the masses. Anyway, this song really is glorious, and we would like very much to hear it on a night out, as we think it would benefit from being blasted at top volume in a club setting. The single is released 28th April, with the album to follow later on in the year.


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