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Song of the Week

Every week we bring you a song that has been lighting up our world like nobody else. A song that flicks its hair in such a way that we feel overwhelmed. This week, it’s the return of one of our favourite popstars.

Frankmusik – Map

When Complete Me first came out, we were so into Frankmusik that it’s all we listened to on repeat for about 8 months, helped by the release of the gorgeous acoustic version Completely Me; worth a download if you’re a Frankmusik fan. Then Do It In The AM happened. In retrospect, Do It isn’t a terrible album, but it was absolutely awful when compared to the first, which is what caused many problems. Either way, Frankmusik has since quit music, set up a different solo project (Vincent Did It), quit that, and returned to releasing music with the Frankmusik moniker. In February 2013 he quietly chucked a free EP, Far From Over, onto, available for free download, and made promises of an April-released album. Well, the album release date has slipped, as these things tend to do, but the EP is truly amazing.

The artwork is very good. The video has Vincent frolicking around a forest. More importantly, sonically it seems a return to Frankisum-EP era Frankmusik. Basically, electronic, raw, bleepy and catchy. Whilst there are no bad tracks, as there shouldn’t be on a 4-track EP, Map is certainly the best of the bunch. The hook has stayed in our ears since the moment we listened to it, ‘I neeeeeeeee-ever / want to find my way back’. Lines such as ‘It’s not that I’m lost, I just don’t want to be found’ and ‘I’ll take you off my map’ beautifully use the metaphor of a map to describe the breakdown of a relationship and possibly also the detriment of one’s mental health.

Basically, you should download the EP, and if you think it’s any good, Frankmusik is encouraging donations to Oxfam via his website. Everybody’s a winner here. Popfoolish indeed.


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