Song of the Week

Song of the Week

Every week we bring you a song that has been lighting up our world like nobody else. A song that flicks its hair in such a way that we feel overwhelmed.

Avicii x September – Bromance (Because I Love You)

We love a good mash up, and we have to say this is one of the best we can ever remember hearing. In 2010 Avicii released ‘Seek Bromance‘, a mash up of his original instrumental with ‘Love U Seek‘. This version of the track, credited to Tim Berg – a truncation of Avicii’s real name – charted at UK #13. However, the version we bring to you today is a mix of his epic Bromance instrumental with September’s Because I Love You. September is of course responsible for one of our favourite ever Euro-club tunes, Cry For You; herĀ vocals fit together perfectly with the backing to make this delicious slice of music for us all to enjoy. Our particular highlight is the ‘yes I do / yes I do / yes I do now’ repetition that starts at 2:33. Everything we want in a club track beautifully comes together and goes off right there! Mixed by mash up genii The Cut Up Boys for the Ministry of Sound’s ‘Mash Up Mix’ series, this is seriously one of the best of all the mash ups the boys have ever done. And they’ve done a lot of good’uns!


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