NEW: Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts

Norwegian popstar Annie has returned with a new single. Oh, praise be! Better yet, Xenomania have had a hand in it’s making. We will review the song with the help of our ever-faithful popfoolish criteria.

Annie – Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts

Nonsensical chants: Present and correct, and they go a little like this: Oh-my-my-my oh-na-na-na oh-la-la-la-la-la … (repeated at least 4 times). BEYOND AMAZING.

Generic or does it sound like an Annie single?: Annie is one of the least generic popstars around, even though her penchant for working with Xenomania meant that various portions of Don’t Stop (Loco, and My Love Is Better, we’re looking at you) did sound exactly like Girls Aloud album tracks. Still, she is very creative and able to carve out her own distinctive sound. It sounds very definitively Annie. That is a good thing.

Lyrics any good?
: To be honest, the lyrics are very much a background consideration when listening to this song. The ears are being treated to such a delicious slice of electro, such GROOVY synths, that she could be (and indeed, with the nonsensical chants, is) singing absolute rubbish, and it doesn’t matter. The lyrics are about being on a drug trip and just dancing all night. So, nothing too deep really.

Production: The best production on a song we have heard in a long, long, long time. If only the new Daft Punk single had sounded like this.

Vocal effects: The typical Annie vocal effect is used, i.e. her vocals are made to sound delicate, crisp and fresh.

Best-bit: In a song as good as this, every bit is a best bit.

Overall pop-foolishness rating: 10/10

VERDICT: The best song we have heard in 2013 yet. In typical Annie fashion, it has just been plonked on iTunes with very little fanfare, and is available to download now. You know what to do.


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