Ultimate Popfools

In this fool-based featurette, we aim to prove or disprove how popfoolish some of yours (and ours) favourite popstars really are. First up is Beyoncé.


Crazy In Love: A song about being foolish for someone. B is not only crazy, ‘I’m not myself lately… I’m foolish, I don’t do this’; she then confirms with a definite ‘and baby you’re making a fool of me’. Fool rating: 10/10

Irreplaceable: ‘Standing in the front yard telling me how I’m such a fooooo-ooool’ Fool rating: The fool is quite drawn out and satisfying. The word fool is said twice in the entire song. 8/10

Obama’s Inarguation: B fooled an awful lot of people that she was singing live, only getting caught out after the event. 9/10

Settle For You: ‘I always stayed by your side, I guess I was your foo-ool’ and ‘I know I must be the world’s greatest foo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ol’. Maybe not the world’s greatest fool, but certainly pop’s greatest fool. 10/10

Singing A Cover of The Cardigan’s Love Fool: So foolish, we love it. 10/10

Destiny’s Child’s Bug A Boo: ‘When I first met you, you were cool / But it was game, you had me fooled’ 9/10

Destiny’s Child’s Once A Fool: ‘Foolish indeed, using ‘fool’ as a key element in the hook and even as the song title. 8/10

Other Destiny’s Child’s songs with the word fool in the lyrics: ‘Now That She’s Gone’, ‘Get On The Bus’, ‘She Can’t Love You’. The amount of times B (ok, her songwriters) use the word fool is astounding, showing true dedication to popfoolishness. 10/10

VERDICT: Possibly pop’s finest fool. We salute you Queen B. Fool rating: 74/80.


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