NEW: Live It Up

Coming from the world’s most beautiful woman and the popworld’s most annoying contributor is follow-up to previous successes On The Floor and Dance Again, Live It Up. But the question on everyone’s lips: is it any good, or should J.Lo stop releasing new material for a few more years?

Nonsensical chants: The chorus starts with a beautiful, satisfying and glorious ‘Ooooooh’. There are an abundance of background ‘wooh’s throughout the song.

Generic or does it sound like a J.Lo feat. Pitbull single? J.Lo feat Pitbull singles are, by their very nature, quite generic. That is, you could imagine someone else replacing either J.Lo or Pitbull and the song wouldn’t suffer; it would be exactly the same. However, J.Lo feat Pitbull has become a pop entity in its own right, and as such this does sound pretty recognisable as a J.Lo feat Pitbull production.

Lyrics any good? They are the usual chuff we have come to expect from J.Lo feat Pitbull with regards to going out on the floor, getting drunk, having sex, and dancing. And this time they really are scraping the barrel. There is a quite horrific and inexplicably repeated ‘let’s f*** tonight’ from Pitbull. It really is horrid. On a more amusing scale, Pitbull exclaims ‘You name it she’s done it’ which, whilst obviously referring to J.Lo’s many career highpoints, sounds like she has been a very accommodating prostitute at some point. ‘Maybe now you understand me’ is also quite LOL-worthy – no Pitbull, we still don’t understand your ‘success’. ‘We don’t believe in defeat / That’s why we’re back for repeat’ is hands down the song’s best lyric.

Production: It’s RedOne, so naturally it sounds like a usual RedOne affair. Nothing ground-breaking but we do like the ‘transformation’ of the song at 1:20 when the first ‘Ooooh’ of the chorus is heard and the drum-and-whistle combo fades away for a much-more pleasant sound. The ‘tension-building’ after the champagne cork popping (1:44 – 1:58) is also a very agreeable affair, with a background ‘woooh’ to boot.

Best-bit: It has to be the chorus, which is actually enjoyable.

Pop-foolish rating: 7/10

VERDICT: We love the chorus of the song. However, after Dance Again was surprisingly good, we were hoping the quality of the J.Lo feat Pitbull track might be on the up. Sadly, Dance Again seems like a blip, with this song only registering highly on the radar of mediocrity. We think the song is probably a grower, and hold out hope for it improving over time. It’s certainly not great, though. Uninspired lyrics and odd production stops this from reaching the high standard of a popfools stamp of approval. More alarmingly for J.Lo and Pitbull, we genuinely prefer last year’s same-titled Tulisa song. That’s never a good thing!


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