Song of the Week

Song of the Week

“It’s Friday, Friday, gotta write ‘Song Of The Week’ on Friday” as a wise popfool known as Rebecca ‘Godbecca’ Black once sung. She was right about our writing habits; it IS Friday and it IS song of the week time.

Avril Lavigne – Here’s To Never Growing Up

We’re not huge fans of Avril Lavigne here at popfoolsHQ, but she does always manage to provide at least one decent single per album campaign. Additionally, we feel it is important to note the niche market that Lavigne happily and solely occupied for a long time in a post ‘Jagged Little Pill’ world – that kind of pre-teen to early-teen angst-ridden teenage girl market. Unfortunately for Avril, Taylor Swift decided to become a lot more poppy with her sound and thus start encroaching upon typical Avril territory, most notably with ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’. Comparisons between the two popstarlets ought to be redundant – Lavigne is unbelievably now almost 30 – but with her new single she is very much definitely harking back to ‘Complicated’ era Avril.

Basically, taken on its own merits, ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up’ probably isn’t great. Avril’s voice sounds questionable, it is generic, and inevitably we must mention how similar it sounds to ‘We Are Never Ever…’ However, sometimes a subpar song released by one artist makes an amazing song when released by another artist. Something about Avril singing this seems right. Maybe it’s the ultra self-awareness that the song hints at; Avril must be more than aware of the fact that since her first album, label execs have been pigeon-holing her to fulfill the angsty teen-girl market, and thus Avril has been stuck into a time-stopping machine and not been allowed to grow up. Of course, much of this was Lavigne’s doing too; her ill-advised clothing line sticks in mind here.

You can’t dress like this and simultaneously wonder why no-one treats you like a 30 year old

Anyway, when the very very good video to the song was released was the moment when we started fully appreciating the song. It cleverly draws attention to ‘Complicated’ and ‘Sk8r Boi’ Avril through aesthetic choices, and basically with its tongue firmly in cheek, makes the song about 46% better. Additionally, it has such a bittersweet feel to it. ‘Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs’ is an interesting choice of lyric, given that new teens or pre-teens won’t quite ‘get’ the reference in the same way Avril’s older audience will. Add into this an epic frame from the video where Avril shakes her head at herself making the illuminati pyramid sign, and basically everything about this campaign is spot on. The song is a bit weak, especially with the completely unnecessary ‘dudebro cheers’ that ruin the chorus, but Avril looks a pretty picture of perfection in the video, and all elements of the campaign just elevate the song to firmly deserve its ‘song of the week’ status.

It’s not being released in the UK until June 23rd, so remember to do your bit and support Avril when it finally comes out.


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