Holiday Playlist

Ultimate Holiday Playlist

Popfools is on holiday! A lovely, tan-on-the-beach, swim-in-the-sea, and drink-lots-of-cocktails type holiday. So that you still get your Popfools fix over the next fortnight, and to convince ourselves that our holiday is hard-earned and well deserved, this feature will be rating some of the top holiday tunes, in plenty of time before the British summer hits. We have devised and strenuously-tested all new holiday-themed criteria for our best holiday songs to live up to, so hold onto your inflatable fly-fish, because this is going to be a whale of a ride!

Madonna – La Isla Bonita

As the Great Aunt of popfoolishness, Madge needs absolutely no introduction. So let’s see how well her 1987 UK #1 hit performs in the battle against those hard-to-please popfoolish criteria.

References to beach/sea/sun/sand in lyrics?: A very impressive 34. 10/10

Steel-drums present? No steel drums whatsoever. Rating: 0/10

Other dodgy ‘holiday’ sound effects? Lots of ‘Spanish guitar’ and castanets as well as Bongo drums. Rating: 7/10

Video evoke ‘holiday’? Although we see glancing shots of an island, the sun, and Spanish countryside, the video is told from the perspective of Madge sat in her apartment in the City dreaming of being on holiday. Note that this isn’t the same as actually being on holiday. She later dresses in a flamenco outfit and dances around many candles before writhing around on the floor. Rating: 2/10

Nonsensical lyrics, preferably holiday-themed? There is a lot of traditional ‘aaaah-aaaah’ing on the chorus from Madge. The lyrics contain various lines in Spanish such as ‘Te diso te amo’ and ‘La isla bonita’, as well as references to San pedro, which automatically bumps up the holiday rating by 50%. Rating: 9/10

Verdict: La Isla Bonita is of course a classic holiday anthem to whack on the holiday playlist, but today it musters up a score of 29/50

The Popfools Ultimate Holiday Playlist (Ranked)

The Vengaboys – We’re Going To Ibiza 57
= The Vengaboys – Uncle John From Jamaica 57
The Cheeky Girls – Hooray Hooray (It’s A Cheeky Holiday) 53
Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl 46
Alphabeat – Vacation 37
New Kids On The Block – Summertime (RedOne Remix) 36
Beenie Man – Dude (ft. Ms Thang) 30
Madonna – La Isla Bonita 29
Annie – Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix) 21


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