Song of the Week

Song of the Week

“It’s Friday, Friday, gotta write ‘Song Of The Week’ on Friday” as a wise popfool known as Rebecca ‘Godbecca’ Black once sung. She was right about our writing habits; it IS Friday and it IS song of the week time.

Bridgit Mendler – Hurricane

We’re not fans of any old crap thrown to us by American popstars, and certainly not by any that have ‘achieved’ their notoriety via anything Disney related. However, we feel this song by Miley Cyrus wannabe Bridgit Mendler is different enough to merit further discussion.

Basically, when we listen to ‘Hurricane’ we imagine it is by our favourite Malvern-bred popstar Cher Lloyd. Try it. Close your eyes and imagine it’s a Cher Lloyd song. It suddenly becomes about 95% better. What does this teach us? Firstly, this is only the second release by Mendler, and thus we have yet to create a popstar brand or category for her in the way we do for popstars we are more familiar with. As we have little interest invested into Mendler, so the song sounds worse. Secondly, the song is really really good! Genuinely, Cher Lloyd should have got her hands on this and released it as a “ft. Bridgit Mendler” instead of the walking disaster that was Oath “ft. Becky G”. Cher could do the verses and Bridgit could sing the chorus. That would be an amazing collab.

Our favourite bit of the song in it’s present form is probably the gorgeous nonsensical chants which go ‘ohhhh- (oh-oh-oh) ooooooohh (oh-oh-oh)’ and also the repetition of words like ‘that’s when you hold me, hold me’. The chorus is strong too, although Bridgit is not currently strong enough to ‘carry off’ rapping on those verses in the manner she endeavours to. It’s probably an ‘attitude’ problem, or rather a lack thereof. When the backing singers come in at 2:42 is also a particularly cringe-worthy moment. However, overall the song has a lot of potential and given to Cher Lloyd, would probably have been a much bigger smash. Oh, the video is awful too. Definitely close your eyes before watching it. Despite all this, we find ourselves warming up to the song.

‘Hurricane’ has not yet been officially released in the UK, but following her UK #7 debut smash ‘Ready or Not’ we should probably prepare ourselves for its impending release. It has failed to reach the Billboard Hot 100, which seems inexplicable really, because it’s not a bad song in its genre of ‘fluffy teen American pop’.


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