Holiday Playlist

Ultimate Holiday Playlist

Popfools is on holiday! A lovely, tan-on-the-beach, swim-in-the-sea, and drink-lots-of-cocktails type holiday. So that you still get your Popfools fix over the next fortnight, and to convince ourselves that our holiday is hard-earned and well deserved, this feature will be rating some of the top holiday tunes, in plenty of time before the British summer hits. We have devised and strenuously-tested all new holiday-themed criteria for our best holiday songs to live up to, so hold onto your inflatable fly-fish, because this is going to be a whale of a ride!

Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me

With the recent inclusion of Lekman’s ‘An Argument With Myself‘ on the latest holiday-themed Amazon Kindle advert, there can be no doubt that Jens is one of Sweden’s finest crafters of lo-fi indiepop holiday anthems. Your Arms Around Me, from his 2007 album ‘Night Falls Over Kortedala’, must surely be one of his most holiday-tinged tunes.

References to beach/sea/sun/sand in lyrics?: The song sets the scene with a very direct ‘It was the hottest day in August’ and ‘we were headed to the sea’. This gives us a grand total of 3 references. 3/10

Steel-drums present? There are no steel drums in the song. Sadly we are unable to score Jens anything in this category. Rating: 0/10

Other dodgy ‘holiday’ sound effects? There is a goregeous twinkly harp which, aside from being used extensively in the song’s introduction, transforms the song at 3:48(ish) to feel dream-like, as though one had fallen asleep on a sunlounger. Other than this, the song uses an array of beautiful, delicate and gentle instruments to evoke the feeling of floating on water.  Rating: 8/10

Video evoke ‘holiday’? There is sadly no video clip to the song, although if there were we would like it to be set by a swimming pool. Rating: 1/10

Nonsensical lyrics, preferably holiday-themed? There is an astounding bro-ke-nnnnnn-nnnn which is as enjoyable as the ‘meeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eee’. Basically, drawn out sounds are the order of the day with this song. Apparently Jens fell asleep on the porch and then ‘dreamt I was carried in a kangaroo’s pouch’ and we realise here that the song isn’t a “happy” one, with Jens ending up ‘on a dirty hospital couch’. The lyrics are amazing because they are all about Jens slicing his finger, and subsequent blood everywhere and passing out, and the lyrical content seems to jar with the presentation. Of course, the cut is a metaphor for when relationships go a bit wrong. Wonderful;  just pure lovely stuff. Not massively holiday-themed though. Rating: 9/10

Verdict: This song is perfect for listening to on a lazy summer’s day, quite possibly when one would be on holiday. It has dream-like quality which makes immediately transports the listener to a different environment. Amazing. It scores 21/50 to tie with Annie at the bottom of our ranked playlist.

The Popfools Ultimate Holiday Playlist (Ranked)

The Vengaboys – We’re Going To Ibiza 57
= The Vengaboys – Uncle John From Jamaica 57
The Cheeky Girls – Hooray Hooray (It’s A Cheeky Holiday) 53
Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl 46
Alphabeat – Vacation 37
New Kids On The Block – Summertime (RedOne Remix) 36
Ashley Tisdale – Fabulous 35
Beenie Man – Dude (ft. Ms Thang) 30
Madonna – La Isla Bonita 29
Edward Maya – Stereo Love 23
Annie – Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix) 21
= Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me 21


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