Holiday Playlist

Ultimate Holiday Playlist

Popfools is nearly finishing our lovely holiday! Which means very few holiday songs left to complete our ultimate holiday playlist! So make the most of today’s holidaytastic and popfoolish approved choice…

Islands – Jogging Gorgeous Summer

We’re not going to pretend to be really ‘hip’and into indie music but Islands are a Canadian indie rock band and basically that is all we know about them, both before and after visiting Wikipedia. LOOK GUYS, THIS FEATURE IS NEARLY ENDING AND IT TOOK A LOT MORE EFFORT THAN WE THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO WHEN WE INITIALLY PLANNED IT SO PLEASE EXCUSE OUR POORLY RESEARCHED AND WRITTEN CONTENT.

References to beach/sea/sun/sand in lyrics?: We’re going for 14, with most of these concerning ‘sun’ or ‘sunsets’ but we’re tired and have more than likely counted wrong. 9/10

Steel-drums present? Yes! At last! After a few consecutive songs without the rays of aural delight that are steel drums, those pesky steel drums make a glorious comeback. PRAISE BE ISLAND! Rating: 10/10

Other dodgy ‘holiday’ sound effects? Yes! Lots of synths and layers of sounds such as clip clop and flutes make this sound deliciously jungle-y. Seriously amazing effort from the guys (and girl) of Island. Rating: 15/10

Video evoke ‘holiday’? No official video for the song but going on this Youtube clip we have to offer the song a solid 8/10

Nonsensical lyrics, preferably holiday-themed? There is a nice line that goes ‘we can do anything we want to’ which comes swiftly followed by an ‘aaaaaah-ahhhhhhh!’ and there also appears to be some ‘hmmm’ing at one point. The song ‘then they tried to cut it down / and we didn’t make a sound’ about a tree is clever. Basically we love this song. Rating: 9/10

Verdict: This song is so holiday it eats breathes and sleeps holiday. You can feel the sand between your toes and see the men in budgie-smugglers all round. Anyway more importantly it ranks with a very pleasing 51/50 to become the first non-novelty non-cheesy and actually halfway decent song to trouble the upper echelons of our ultimate holiday playlist. As singing wench Ellie Goulding once sung ‘Anything can happen’.

Ultimate Popfools Holiday Playlist (Ranked)

The Vengaboys – We’re Going To Ibiza 57
= The Vengaboys – Uncle John From Jamaica 57
The Cheeky Girls – Hooray Hooray (It’s A Cheeky Holiday) 53
Islands – Jogging Gorgeous Summer 51
Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl 46
All Saints – Pure Shores 38
Alphabeat – Vacation 37
New Kids On The Block – Summertime (RedOne Remix) 36
Ashley Tisdale – Fabulous 35
Beenie Man – Dude (ft. Ms Thang) 30
Madonna – La Isla Bonita 29
Edward Maya – Stereo Love 23
Annie – Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix) 21
= Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me 21


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