NEW: Wild

J-J-J-Jessie J is back. We do have to admit she is one of our least favourite popstars, however we will put these feelings aside in order to review the song. After a seemingly endless wait since debut album ‘Who You Are’ was first released in February 2011, Jessie has finally put aside her ‘The Voice’ commitments and profile raising hair shaving to actually do what she does and sing for us.

Wild – Jessie J “ft” Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal

Our thought on the song are as thus. We really do like the hook. It’s very radio friendly and easy to sing along with. It’s the verses we have a problem with. They seem too try hard, intent on chasing current trends, and in this respect it reminds us of Nicola Robert’s ‘Beat Of My Drum’. The beat isn’t bad, and actually the more we listen to it the more we like it, but the combination of the beat and Jessie’s vocals really just don’t sound right to us. In fact on this song Jessie’s vocals as a whole just don’t sound pleasant or appealing to our ears whatsoever. Big Sean comes in before he has any right to: it’s a Jessie J song and we would like some more ‘Do It Like A Dude‘ style shown during the verses. The verses ultimately feel a bit incomplete, as though the hook was written first, and the rest of the song was very much an afterthought. This ensures the song as a whole suffers. We can’t say anything nice about Dizzee Rascal nowadays, so all we will say is that he belongs back in 2007.

The video is just horrific. Quite why Jessie J is intent on spread-eagling her talons and touching herself lots, we don’t know. Her handography puts even Britney’s infamous half-hearted armography to shame.

Basically, the chorus of this song, along with the entirety of Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’, would sound a hell of a lot better if they were sung by Katy Perry. They both sound like Katy Perry songs.

VERDICT: Not for us but doubtless one to enjoy in ‘the club’ over summer. 5/10


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