Blast from the past

Blast From The Past


Garth Gates – Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistakes)

Now we’re not going to pretend to be Garth Gates fans anymore than your average popfan. Sure, our best friend at the time, Jodie, was MASSIVELY in love with him, and sure, we all know Garth Gates was “supposed” to win Pop Idol, but these facts don’t change our opinion on his output. ‘Unchained Melody.’ Soppy. ‘Spirit In The Sky’ (with The Kumars). Cheesy. We can’t remember what else he did apart from the duet with Will Young.

Yet Gareth has somehow redeemed himself of all his heinous crimes towards pop music with this one gift to poplovers the world over. And what a gift it is. The way this song flips from soppy, should have been sung by Westlife ballad, to THAT chorus is nothing short of incredible. Even Jesus never performed such miracles.

The original Pop Idol was massive. Even Darius managed a number one smash from the show, whilst artists such as ‘Zoe Birkett’ and ‘Rosie Ribbons’ were also allowed to release material. Nonetheless, this song managed an amazing THREE weeks at UK number one, as well as topping the charts in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Turkey.

Our favourite bit of the song is at 2:30 to 2:35 – ‘I swear every word is true / Don’t wanna lose you.’ Even lines such as ‘the situation got out of hand / I hope you understand’ and ‘Girl I’ve been letting you down, down’ are equally amazing.

We really appreciate the use of brackets in the title. We need more of this type of bracket usage in 2013 pop.

We know the song shouldn’t work on paper, but we also know that it does. Just enjoy the song for what it is, guilt free, in the knowledge that it is a popfools-approved blast from the past.


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