Song of the Week

Song of the Week

Coming to you early this week because it’s currently Friday somewhere in the world. We’re testing out the official WordPress app for the first time so please bear with us.

Union J – Carry You


We weren’t fans of the song when we first heard it, so much so that we didn’t even bother to review it. Whilst our initial feelings remain that the song isn’t distinct enough to create a Union J brand of pop, it’s actually a decent tune.

Behind the often cheesy but ultimately endearing lyrics lays a pretty melody which would probably, to be honest, sound better if it were topped by more delicate vocals by a female artiste. Nonetheless, we appreciate the sentiment of the song, and its execution is better than expected considering it comes from a band who most would consider a knock-off version of One Direction.

Basically, listen to the song with any preconceptions and prejudices about Union J put aside and, like us, you might discover a gentle grower of a pop tune.


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