NEW: Hot Hot Hot

Here at Popfools HQ we like to listen to a variety of music,with a particular emphasis on giving things that on paper might be shit a bit of a go, before completely writing them off. Part of our hatred of music snobbery probably stems from the fact that our first ever album was by the Vengaboys. (Did we just admit that? Ouch!) The Vengaboys are BACK with the follow up to the extremely disappointing and Perez Hilton featuring Rocket To Uranus from 2010. This song did have its positive points; its innovative ‘3DD’ music video, and the sense of fun camp kitsch about the whole thing, which is so often missing from modern pop music, and so well done by the Vengas. However one of the biggest problems of this song, other than its awful not even double entrende, Perez Hilton, and the fact that it didn’t stick to the classic 90’s Vengasound, was thus. The session singer who did the vocals, and was largely recognised as Kim, was REPLACED for ‘Rocket To Uranus’ by someone who didn’t sound anything like the old one. Therefore the song sticks out like a sore thumb among the Vengacannon, and not in a good way.

Well the Vengaboys have decided the prevailing sound of 2013 needs a Vengatwist. That is to say they have lodged their take on Guetta-esque chart ‘EDM’ by sampling ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’. Yes, REALLY.

Vengaboys – Hot Hot Hot

We’re quite overwhelmed with emotions right now, particularly because the short clip we heard on iTunes last night didn’t have the Kim verse (and thus the best bit) in it, and consequently we don’t think we can review it without our heart ruling our head. After the ‘Rocket To Uranus’ shambles we didn’t think we’d live to see a new Vengasingle. Especially one that has Denice and Kim singing in it, the video is just CRAZYCREDIBLE (AND FEATURES THE VENGABUS!!) and we genuinely have missed the Vengaboys. So for now it’s a slightly cautious Popfools seal of approval.


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