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The Truth About P!nk

We have recently returned from a month spent travelling in Asia. As we come back to the welcoming shores of the UK, we find ourselves pondering over the conundrum that is P!nk, or Pink as we’re going to refer to her from now onwards. Pink is the kind of artist who no one really likes to admit they like. Yet, at the same time, Pink is at the minute surely the model for all popstars to aim at.

Firstly, and importantly, although her singles are on the wrong side of ‘The Katy Perry Scale of Genericness’, they are always bloody good. Pink rarely drops turkeys and that’s a fact. The last single from her we really took a strong disliking to was ‘Stupid Girls’. And to be honest that was probably as much to do with its ludicrous amount of AirPlay as the song itself. There’s something very comforting in the fact that you know exactly how a Pink album campaign is going to work. You know single number 2 will be a faux-rock ballad. Crucially, you also know the material will be up to scratch. For example: ‘Please Don’t Leave’. ‘Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely’). ‘Just Give Me A Reason’. A triplet of slightly angsty slightly soppy songs all based on similar themes. All very good songs.

Do you see where we’re going with this? Although Pink doesn’t have the ability to excite in the way a lead single from Britney or Rihanna does, the execution of the campaign itself is flawless.

Pink's AMAZING performance of 'Try' at the AMAs.

Pink’s AMAZING performance of ‘Try’ at the AMAs.

Secondly, Pink creates a sense of “event”. Pink’s live shows are not merely a support of the material. They are probably more crucial than the material itself. When Pink first performed the ‘Try’ choreography, it was breathtakingly beautiful, and it elevated what could potentially have been a more boring version of ‘Sober’ to something astounding. No other popster has half the ability of Pink to perform acrobatics and crazy routines whilst singing live and not missing a beat. She is ABOUT the live performance, rather than the live performance being a necessary evil.

So what brought about our gushing words for Pink? Well, we came back to hear ‘True Love’ on the radio for the first time. We’re assuming that means the song has been or will shortly be released. Incredibly, and against the odds given what an airplay hit ‘Just Give Me A Reason’, she’s done it again. Released a corker of a song, with a little cameo from Lily ‘Lily Cooper’ Allen. The song is generic but also very very enjoyable. And so we leave with the thought that all the big popstars must be looking on at Pink green with envy, wishing that they could maintain such quality control whilst constantly churning out big hits and delivering ever more astounding live aesthetics. The Truth About Pink is that she’s amazing.


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