Song of the Week

Song Of The Week

“It’s Friday, Friday, gotta write ‘Song Of The Week’ on Friday” as a wise popfool known as Rebecca ‘Godbecca’ Black once sung. She was right about our writing habits; it IS Friday and it IS song of the week time.

P!nk ft. Lily Allen – True Love

In case our feature about P!nk didn’t quite hint at it enough, we are really feeling ‘True Love’ at the minute. It’s deliciously summery, and of course it features the dulcet tones of Lily ‘I’ve had two babies and not sung anything for ages’ Allen. It’s instantly recognisably ‘P!nk’, and it has an awesome video, featuring Lily Allen violently chopping carrots and broccoli. Yes, it sounds generic and the lyrics are very predictable in that you can hear them coming from a mile away, but nonetheless we can’t think of a better song to enjoy the rest of today’s sunny Friday to. It’s boppable, it’s bouncy and it’s cheery. Wonderful stuff.

Blimey, what's narked Lily?

Blimey, what’s narked Lily?


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