NEW: Rock N Roll

Avril Lavigne – Rock N Roll

So the new new Avril Lavigne single is here, amidst news that ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together Part II’ ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up‘ didn’t enter the top 10 in the US, Canada or the UK. We didn’t think that song was amazing, although we did appreciate the concept of the song and the execution of its campaign. ‘Rock N Roll’ is Max Martin produced, and he normally does a better than average job, even when constrained by the artists he works with to sticking to a formula. Sadly, ‘Rock N Roll’ just doesn’t hit our sweet spot. Avril’s vocals aren’t enjoyable, and the song’s composition is completely unoriginal, with ugly bits of guitar thrown in for a middle 8. The best bit of the song is the ‘hey, hey, hey’ that comes in at the end of the chorus, for example at 1:08 – 1:11. For some inexplicable reason there are yet more ‘dudebro’ cheers, as though there weren’t enough of those in her last offering.

Put simply, it’s a boring song which doesn’t go anywhere, and doesn’t have anything remotely interesting to say. We’d quite like a new Avril Lavigne megahit, if for no other reason than to send Carly Rae Jepsen running to the hills in floods of tears, to really piss off Taylor Swift, and to show those annoying DisneyNick girls (Selena, Ariana, Demi) who’s boss. Unfortunately Avril, you’re not producing material anywhere near the standard you should be by this point in your career. You’re going to have to turn in something extremely special to make us interested in you as an artist again. Oh well, there’s always Japan.


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