7 Things We Love About You, Miley

In honour of Miley Cyrus’ latest move to overtake Ke$ha as pop’s most popfoolish party girl, by announcing that her next album will be entitled the thoughtful BANGERZ, (and yes, it should be capitalized and finished off with a z, as such) we thought it was high time to adorn The Miles with praise and explain why we love her so much. In homage to the world-shattering ‘7 Things’, we are listing 7 things we love about Miley. This does not mean that there are only 7 things we love about Miley but nor does it mean that there are more than 7 things we love about Miley.

1. PARTY IN THE USA. Everything a great pop song should be, and a little bit more. The Wideboys Mix is our preferred remix for when you feel the need to add some extra omph to your daily Miley intake, but generally we prefer the normal single mix.

miley short

2. The hair. How many female pop stars are able to both lead the pop world with tunes of brilliance and wear their hair short? We think you’ll find examples are limited. Britney shaving her head at the time of the release of her best ever album was coincidental. Rihanna has of course more successfully teamed the short hair cut with some banging tunes during her pop career. We’re disqualifying Jessie J from consideration here, as although we think ‘Wild‘ is average to good, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest any of her new material will qualify as ‘tunes of brilliance’ – see for example shockingly rubbish new single ‘It’s My Party‘. Whilst, in theory, there is also no evidence of Miley producing tunes (note the plural – we LOVE ‘We Can’t Stop‘) of brilliance in combination with her current hair style, we have a hunch that BANGERZ will be full of bangers. And our hunches aren’t usually wrong when it comes to pop. Call it our popfoolish intuition.

3. A predisposition to referring to herself in her songs as ‘Miley’. Yes, Miley is called Miley, however you would expect Miley to refer to herself as ‘I’ or ‘me’. Not so for Miley. Miley likes to refer to herself as Miley, for example the iconic ‘my best friend Lesley said ‘Oh she’s just being Miley” from ‘See You Again’, or ‘dancing with Miley’ from current single ‘We Can’t Stop’.

4. She started her singing career as Hannah Montana. This was a shrewd move, cleverly allowing her to sidestep the problem most young popstars have to carry round with them: the shame of how crap their early albums were. We love Britney as much as any sane popfool but nothing on this planet will ever make us listen to her first two albums. Luckily, Miley’s early (shit) tunes were all released under another name entirely, thus ensuring the Miley brand remains untainted.

5. Her brother was in the band which released ‘Shake It‘. It’s a guilty pleasure of ours.

6. She already has released some amazing songs. Without adding stupid amounts of hyperbole, ‘See You Again‘ really was quite incredible. ‘Liberty Walk‘ on the other hand was literally perfection. What an absolutely amazing tune. And we will mention ‘Party In The USA’ again, because it would be sacrilege not to. Those three are definitely our holy trinity of Miley Cyrus songs, without which we would not be Miley fans.

7. She seems relatively nice, grounded, and down to earth. When it comes to popstars, they tend to fall into two categories: popstars with whom you would have a fun night – and decent conversation – whilst down the pub, and popstars who would make such an experience extremely awkward. Miley falls in to the former category, whilst artists such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Britney fall into the latter. Does it make their output any less valid? No. Does it tarnish the whole experience of being their fan? Yes, slightly. Miley knows how to have a fun night out, and no doubt she would drag you out by your ears if your boyfriend had just dumped you, and you needed a night on the town to cheer yourself up. More than that, though, Miley seems like she would be able to hold a decent conversation with you. Additionally she seems much more self-aware than most popstars, so whilst the video to ‘We Can’t Stop’ may be ridiculous, whilst calling your album BANGERZ is ridiculous, and whilst she tries to cause controversy such as by posing practically topless for Vanity Fair whilst 15 or through the referencing to drugs in her latest single, you get the idea through it all that Miley knows exactly what she is doing. And for any popstar, let alone a popstar as young as Miley – who is still only 20 – such lucidity is a special gift.


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