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The Death of Electra Heart

NEW: Electra Heart

Marina of ‘Marina & The Diamonds’ fame has, for the purposes of promoting her sophomore LP Electra Heart, taken up the role of Electra Heart. Made-up with the all-too-familiar heart on the cheek and bottle-bleach-blonde hair, Electra Heart was the embodiment of the American dream, and rather more confusingly had 4 different archetypes which the character of Electra would take on and disregard at will.

The character of Electra Heart.

The character of Electra Heart.

The campaign started on 8 August 2011, when Marina uploaded ‘Part 1’, the captivating ‘Fear and Loathing‘, onto YouTube. However, the campaign properly kicked off with the drop of the excellent ‘Radioactive‘ in September 2011. Now we’re not here to point out all the campaign’s failings, as we’d be here all day and night, but it truly was an amazing single which was designed to serve as the lead single from the album. At the point it flopped into the UK charts at #25, however, it was billed as a ‘buzz single’ and even omitted from the standard edition of Electra Heart (why?! It really is a brilliant track.). Regardless, our point is that since August 2011, Marina has been trapped in the Electra Heart character, something which at times became rather evidently limiting for her. Nonetheless, Electra Heart has not only served her purpose but served it well, gaining Marina notoriety outside of her very definitively ‘indie’ début, in addition to gaining her a new legion of fans in the form of teenage fangirls. Whilst Marina has admitted that Electra Heart was originally meant as a side project, she’s certainly taken the whole thing seriously, and as a result we truly do salute her artistic commitment.

The Electra Heart campaign has seen a truly bewildering amount of tracks released: 12 (standard album) + 4 (deluxe album) + 5 (different ‘parts’ released on YouTube including the earth-shatteringly incredible ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker‘).

The final part is simply entitled ‘Electra Heart’ and was released yesterday onto YouTube. That makes its release date 8 August 2013 and thus marks the two year anniversary of Electra Heart’s unveiling to the public. Featuring a brand new song, the accompanying visual is a montage of the Electra Heart era, plus some footage of Marina taking off her Electra Heart make-up and getting rid of the blonde hair. Basically, the concept of the part is to display the death of Electra Heart, and not only does the video achieve this aim with intelligence and panache, but the song is also pretty damn amazing. It has a sick breakdown at 1:00, and whilst the general sound of the song does sound a little dated, we can forgive Marina that because presumably this was recorded in 2011. Seriously we are LOVING the breakdown. Then at 1:22, just when you thought the whole thing couldn’t be any more melodramatic, Marina throws in a haunting organ. Oddly it doesn’t sound at all out of place. You must give this one a listen because it’s ace.

Basically, if you take the Electra Heart campaign as consisting only of its singles and bookended by ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 11’ you would have the following single run: ‘Fear And Loathing’, ‘Radioactive’, ‘Primadonna’, ‘Power & Control’, ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’ and finally ‘Electra Heart’. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a truly popfoolish run of singles. No other popstar can compete with Marina. And for that reason, we must admit, we are a little sad to see the death of Electra Heart. We’re a little worried as to what Marina might cook up for herself next because not only does she commit to a project 100%, she also makes an intriguing popstar, and thus we’ll be sad if the death of Electra signifies a rejection of pop from Marina.


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