NEW: Cheating

Cheating – John Newman

John Newman’s new song, the follow up to smash hit ‘Love You Again’ has recently hit the interwebs, and we simply must announce our thoughts on the song here.

1. It’s a very good song.
2. Are we pretending that the whole Mark Ronson ‘Version’ (and ‘Back To Black’) escapade didn’t happen? We are a bit sick and tired of every other blog proclaiming John Newman’s music as fresh, exciting and innovative when it literally sounds like an exact copy of what Mark Ronson achieved, to wide critical acclaim and commercial success, with ‘Version’. Regardless of the merits of the actual content, we hate it when the fact that he is retreading Ronson’s work without anything new to add is conveniently overlooked, in favour of pretending that Newman’s music is really fresh and original.
3. John Newman’s voice isn’t actually very nice to listen to.
4. Any song which contains trumpets and a gospel-choir-esque female backing choir is ALL GOOD by us.
5. It is a very good song. (Much better than ‘Love You Again’).


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