NEW: Disco Love

The Saturdays – Disco Love

The Saturdays have been taking their position as the UK’s premier girlband very seriously lately. First came #1 smash and very agreeable despite featuring Sean Paul hit ‘What About Us’, which will doubtless be near the top of our favourite 2013 pop releases. Then came the lovably bonkers ‘Gentleman‘ which endeared us to the girls even more in a post Girls Aloud pop landscape. Unfortunately, and for some reason unknown to us, ‘Gentleman’ stalled at UK #14, and thus a hit is needed now more than ever to prove the girls’ popularity and provide some longevity to The Saturdays’ career.

‘Disco Love’ sounds a bit like a Jessie J song, and if that sounds like a bit of a backhanded compliment, that’s because it’s meant to be one. The song has enjoyable bits but it also has more than a sprinkle of generic topping the whole thing.

Things we like about the song include: ‘Hey’, ‘Mr got it got it all’, ‘Baby baby baby’, ‘Mr do it all, Mr do it do it all / physic-physic-al’, the middle 8 sh-sh-sh-shake, the ‘Cm-cmon’ adlibs near the end, and most importantly the continuation of referencing random years in the lyrics. (1979 and 1999 are both mentioned. How those Saturdays wish it was still 1999!)

Things we don’t like about the song include the production of vocals. They sound too interchangeable and not personable enough – nothing about the vocals screams ‘The Saturdays’ – and this is a big error. One thing both Girls Aloud and even the Sugababes in their many incarnations ensured was that their vocals sounded unique; essential to building up a b(r)and. This just sounds like something Jessie J or even Pixie Lott might record. This deep into their career, The Saturdays really should have a distinct sound. We also find the beat a bit simple and basic, in the way Nicole Scherzinger’s ‘Boomerang‘ is for example. Lastly, the element of ‘fun’ in the song sounds extremely forced.

Overall then as fans of The Saturdays we are disappointed. We have high expectations for the girls and we are not afraid to call them out when these are not met. We know you can do better, girls, and quite frankly with the lack of any discernible competition on the UK girlband scene we need you to be doing better. We’re relying on you. We don’t think ‘Disco Love’ is an album-launching worthy single either. We can only award the song 5/10. We recognise there is potential in the song but it sadly hasn’t been realised.


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