Song of the Week

Song Of The Week

It’s Friday, not only Rebecca Black’s favourite day of the week, but also our opportunity to let you know what we’ve been grooving to this week.

Remember Me – Blue Boy

We’re proudly taking you back to February 1997 with this #8 UK chart smash and bonafide classic. Forget Daley and Jessie J’s take of the same song – this is the definitive version – and the only one you need in your life. If we still need to spell out what is so great about this song we feel it can be summed up with ‘ging ging ging ging ging ging ging ging GING GING GING GING GING’. What an amazing thing the ging is. We have spent all week ‘ginging’ to absolutely every song that we’ve listened to. It’s basically possible to improve any song with a bit of ‘ginging’. That’s a popfools FACT.


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