NEW: Build A Girl

The Fooo – Build A Girl


Introducing The Fooo

Introducing The Fooo

We really like this simple pop tune. It may be basic in more than one way but it is also a deliciously infectious slice of pop of the sort that we would like to see One Direction and Union J producing. They are Sweden’s answer to One Direction, and whilst there doesn’t seem to be an immediate plan to launch them abroad, if they can produce more material along the lines of ‘Build A Girl’ it really would be our pleasure to see them conquer the UK charts. Lines such as ‘I need a pinch of Senorita and a hot chica cheetah’, in addition to the way ‘caa-aaa-aake’ and ‘oh-oh-oooooh’ are sung, hints at potential further brilliance ahead. ‘Build A Girl’ is the strongest of their material released so far; we wouldn’t recommend checking out anything else on their YouTube channel for fear of you cringing and never trusting anything we write ever again. However if they use ‘Build A Girl’ as a foundation upon which to produce similar sounding songs, they may just have a chance of becoming one of our favourite boybands. Regardless, ‘Build A Girl’gets the official Popfools seal of approval. Rating: 9/10


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