NEW: Hymn

Frankmusik – Hymn

Frankmusik is rejecting typical music industry release models and instead is basically doing a Robyn ‘Body Talk’ and chucking out an awful lot of music within a short period of time. He has already released ‘Between’ this year, a collection of 12 songs, including the earth-shatteringly amazing ‘Map‘. Now, preceding the release of  follow-up album ‘Between Us’ in September, comes bonus track ‘Hymn’. And truly beautiful it is. A piano-led ballad in the style of ‘Completely Me‘, itself a must-listen acoustic reinterpretation of debut album ‘Complete Me’, the song is shocking in it’s raw vulnerability. The vocals are so completely natural that we almost feel like we’re intruding upon Frankmusik’s personal space. Lyrically, the song is a slightly bitter, mostly disappointed tale of un-reciprocated love; ‘I was just a mere distraction / Till you found a better place.’ Such gems such as ‘I was just transition / An edit if you will’ and ‘In your heart not built for me / I was hanging from the scaffolds / ignoring treachery’ prove Frankmusik’s blatant songwriting skills. The simple production leaves the song with an elegant, understated feel. This isn’t a massive soaring ballad and feels all the more authentic for it.

Quite simply, this is an amazing song which hints at even more brilliance to come from Frankmusik this year. We can’t wait. Rating: 9/10


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