NEW: Flatline

MKS – Flatline

When it comes to MKS we feel there are some inherent problems. The first and most obvious problem is that the girls aren’t 16 any more. They aren’t who they were when incredible ‘Overload‘ and the soulful ‘New Year‘. Quite clearly they are not the Sugababes who spurned such mega pure pop smashes such as ‘Round Round‘, ‘Freak Like Me‘ and ‘Hole In The Head.’ The thing about the original Sugababes, and the subsequent 2.0 lineup, was that they were so effortlessly cool. They just were. The problem with being so effortlessly cool is that the moment you put any effort in the whole thing is ruined. And this is where we see MKS fit in to the present music industry; they are trying too hard to be cool indie Pitchfork darlings. Their courting of ‘The Gayz’ is bordering on the Gaga side of pathetic. But, here at Popfools we like to put aside all personal prejudices and industry politics and make it all about the music. So how does ‘Flatline’ measure up?

We see it as an average tune at best. The sound they have gone for is middling indie band,over the top of which is some completely unenjoyable harmonisation. Whilst it is as ever a joy to hear Mutya’s voice back on some new material, and to a lesser extent Siobhan, their voices don’t combine nicely on this song at all. So whilst they can release a Californian-beach visual to accompany the song and build up their fanbase through extensive social media use and many a gay pride outing, we just don’t like the song they’ve chosen to come back with. And that’s a shame, for we were truly looking forward to the prodigal return of MKS. Rating: 5/10


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