NEW: Music To Make Boys Cry

Diana Vickers – Music To Make Boys Cry

An X Factor alumni we rather like is Diana Vickers. Although we didn’t much like her whilst she was on the programme, we rather enjoyed ‘Once’, ‘Remake Me And You’ (which sounds like it should have been a solo Nicola Roberts track), and ‘The Boy Who Murdered Love’. We must admit like much of the country we ignored the recent release of lead single ‘Cinderella‘, which limped to a UK #76, and was obliging but really rather so-so. Next single to be released is ‘Music To Make Boys Cry’ and it is this which we are here to discuss today.

We think that The Vickers’ main problem is that she is an extremely MOR artist. We like this song, and we especially think that the song’s title is a stroke of genius, but the fact is that the song just won’t stay in our head once we’ve listened to it. It hints that her album will be full of sophisticated light pop, which is nice enough in itself, but positions her the wrong side of Sophie Ellis-Bextor territory. Pleasant as her music is, we just feel like there’s a hundred other artists out there we’d rather be listening to. And that’s a shame because this isn’t a bad song. Rating: 6/10


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