NEW: Encore

Christina Milian – Encore

If there’s one pop/RnB artist from yesteryear we can genuinely say never so much as crosses our minds, it must be Christina Milian. However we easily forget that she was responsible for two absolute stonking songs, ‘Say I‘ and ‘Dip It Low‘, as well as the above average (if showing its age) ‘AM to PM‘. Well, after 4 years of lurking in the background of the US version of ‘The Voice’ as social media correspondent, she has been inspired to have another shot, and consequently has put out brand new track ‘Encore’ as a buzz track.

It is a little basic in terms of lyrical content and general progression of the song, but it’s actually not at all bad. Crucial to making the song work is the tone of Milian’s voice which sounds pure and sweet. We think that she could excel in her specialist category of lite-RnB-pop as there seems to be little discernible modern day competition. if there’s one lady who can bring the genre back to its early to mid 2000s prominence, it’s Milian, and with material like ‘Encore’ she is certainly on the right track. It isn’t up to lead single material, as it hasn’t got the X Factor, but we do think this tune shows much potential for Milian. Indeed, with a donk put on it, this would make a danceable tune for ‘the club’.
Rating: 7/10


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