NEW: Marry Me

Jason Derülo – Marry Me

Putting aside the ‘will they, won’t they’ buzz surrounding this single, given that it has reportedly been written for Jordin Sparks, and that the pair are on the brink of getting engaged, or already have depending on who you believe, how does it sit alongside the Derülo cannon?

Well, we like our Derülo loud, proud and outrageous. Needless to say our favourite Derülo song is ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home‘. ‘Marry Me’ is a soppy pop-leaning RnB ballad, and sadly its name brings to mind Bruno Mars’ superior ‘Marry You‘. However, it has very solid production on it, and Derülo is surprisingly pleasant to listen to on the track. The soaring vocals on the chorus lift what might otherwise be a by-numbers song to something more impressive, and this will sound good on the radio. Crucially there are some lovely ‘oooh-ooooh’s after the chorus. The lyrics are typically Derülo in their cringeworthiness, with ‘105 is the number that comes into my head / When I think of all the years that I want to be with you’ bizarrely both opening and closing the song. Firstly Jason we don’t think you’ll live to be 126, and secondly why a hunderd and five years? Why did that come into your head? We can’t deny the sweet message of the lyrics though. We are less than impressed that the song is missing a massive shouted ‘JASON DERULO’ though. Rating: 7/10


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