Song of the Week

Song Of The Week

‘It’s Friday, Friday, gotta write song of the week on Friiiiiiiiday’ as a wise popfoolette known as Rebecca ‘Godbecca’ Black once sung.’ Well she was certainly right about our writing habits; it is Friday and it is song of the week time.

The Saturdays – Karma

We have had a week of falling out with The Saturdays – or rather irking their fans – with our mediocre review of latest single ‘Disco Love‘ and then our explanation of why the ‘Disco Love’ video is terrible. However, we do love the girls, and we think they’re at their mad best with a song like ‘Karma’. The main reason it’s song of the week, though, is because it managed to put a smile on our face after a rubbish day at work. 

The song is full of amazing lyrics such as, ‘and I hope you choke on some really hot coff-eeeee’, ‘If you wanted diamonds, why’d you settle for a rock?’, and ‘Man I hope that girl’s got a great personality’. Is it simple? Possibly. A simple pop song never went amiss with intelligent lyrics and lots of genuinely fun moments thrown in for good measure. We think every Saturdays song should have to live up to the high standards set by ‘Karma’. Bonkers. Brilliant. Fabulous. 


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