NEW: I Wish

Cher Lloyd – I Wish (featuring T.I.)

Cher Lloyd is back with new material. Having released two glorious pop singles from her last album – ‘Want U Back‘ and ‘With Ur Love‘ – we were hoping for great things from the Malvern mumbler. ‘I Wish’ takes Cher in an all together different direction, with it’s R&B-esque retro sound reminding us of Amerie’s 2007 ‘Because I Love It’ album. However Cher’s voice doesn’t lend itself easily to this sort of material, making it sound weak at points, and it’s telling that we prefer the guest rap from T.I. over Cher’s sections. We want something unique from Cher, and it wouldn’t be the world’s worst idea for her to put a unique spin on the kind of dubstep sound as shown to us on ‘Dub On The Track‘, or else for her to stick to the bubblegum pop sound of ‘Want U Back’ and ‘Oath’. Either way this is a poor effort from Malvern’s biggest superstar, with absolutely guff lyrics telling us to change to secure the boy you’re interested in, being the cherry on the top of this stinker. Rating: 4/10


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