Mutya Mondays

Mutya Monday

We’re bringing a brand spanking new feature to Popfools! Entitled ‘Mutya Monday’, we will perhaps unsurprisingly be celebrating one of pop’s most unique voices by sharing some of our favourite Mutya moments with you all, until such a time that we run out of Mutya Moments.

Groove Armada featuring Mutya – Song 4 Mutya

Can Mutya ever top this week’s Mutya Monday moment? It’s doubtful. This delightful romp from July 2007 took not only us but the entire UK by storm, scaling to the dizzy heights of UK #8, Mutya’s most recent visit to the UK Top 10. The song saw Mutya collaborate with the ‘I See You Baby‘ hitmakers but rather shockingly, (if you believe Wikipedia), the song was originally intended to feature Estelle of ‘American Boy‘ fame. This upsets us greatly as we just can’t envisage a world without ‘Song 4 Mutya’ in it.

The funky beats are incredible however the delicious vocals from Mutya really do add an extra something to the song. Perhaps the most awesome thing about the song is the brilliant third person reference in the chorus: ‘Don’t panic panic Mutya’. There are lots of enjoyable nonsensical ‘mmm’s and ‘oooh’s liberally littered throughout the song. Can we also all take a moment out of our day to appreciate the genius of the line ‘I’ve got Prince singing ‘Hot Thing’ to me / I know every line’. Firstly Mutya, you haven’t actually got Prince singing to you, you have a recording of Prince singing to you. Secondly Mutya, do you really know every line? If we quizzed you on it right now, would you be able to recite every line to us? The narrative of the whole song is just crazy credible, a thinly veiled dig at her Sugarelacement Amelle, disguised as Mutya being menacing towards an ex. Either way it works incredibly well.
Mutya Rating: Exceedingly (long) Extensions Excellent


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