Song of the Week

Song of the Week

‘It’s Friday, Friday, gotta write song of the week on Friiiiiiiiday’ as a wise popfoolette known as Rebecca ‘Godbecca’ Black once sung.’ Well she was certainly right about our writing habits; it is Friday and it is song of the week time.
Trouble With Love Is – Kelly Clarkson

This soulful bluesy ballad from Kelly Clarkson remains timeless, reminding us of Kelly’s incredible versatility (Kelly has a co-write credit on the song), and remaining an aural delight ten years after its release. ‘I was once a fool it’s true’ sings Kelly, but it’s us who feel like fools for living in a world which once failed to recognise Kelly’s outstanding singing talents. It remains a mystery to us how the song only charted at UK #35, particularly as it was associated with national treasure and favourite Christmas film ‘Love Actually’, but nonetheless we think the song is incredible.

Whenever anyone tries to argue over the merit of reality-talent shows, we find ourselves thinking about Girls Aloud (RIP), Will Young and Kelly Clarkson. We know in our hearts that a world without these 3 talent show born acts would be a less enjoyable Popfoolish world to live in than the one we do, and thus we realise that any anti-X Factor argument is null and void, on the rare but tantalising prospect that another GA, Will or Kelly will be born.


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