NEW: Stay

Steve Grand – Stay

Who is Steve Grand? That’s a good question, and the intro of the song would have you write him off as another American country music bore. However, you would be wrong to do such a thing. Steve Grand is now known as the first openly gay American country music star to attract mainstream attention following viral hit ‘All American Boy‘ on YouTube. It probably helps that Grand is incredibly swoonsome.

Either way, and taken without its gay themes (‘You’re my Southern King’ and ‘So when the old man’s out of town for a couple of days’) and without its charming gay video, which takes a ‘Teenage Dream’ style video treatment and turns it gay, ‘Stay’ is a very instantly likeable tune. We like the delicious horns and delectable hand claps included in the composition, and the song is actually no more country than older Taylor Swift material. Indeed, one can imagine this song coming straight from someone like Sara Bareilles, and it makes a refreshing change to hear a male star sing like this. There are some wondrous nonsensical ‘oooohs’, and although the song is around 5 minutes long, it feels more like its 3:30. In other words, we really, really like this. Rating: 9/10 and a Popfools seal of approval.


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