Extra Special Bulletin: Look What You Did

Pauly here, reporting from the lesser travelled corners of the internet, bringing you an extra special bulletin

The Ordinary Boys – Look What You Did

Anyone who knows me well knows that The Ordinary Boys are probably my favourite band ever, and that if pushed to name an all time favourite album, it will be ‘Over The Counter Culture’. Well, as you can imagine, I pretty much thought I had heard every Ordinary Boys song ever made. Every cover they did on radio shows, every B side they ever released … everything. Preston treated us fans in March to ‘Reluctantly Yours’, an off cut which had never been ‘leaked’, and which you can listen to at this link. And what a treat it was…with an understated Ordinary Boy sound and genius lyrics such as ‘I’m reluctantly yours / Reluctantly trying to be what I want you to want me to be / But it’s not easy believe me’. It was the perfect thing to itch my Ordinary Boys scratch. But then today, on the YouTube, I stumbled across ‘Look What You Did’, a cut from a limited edition Japanese only release of ‘Brassbound’. And truly delightful and wondrous it is. It feels far far better than the moment when Britney releases a new (good) lead single and video… it’s truly incredible.


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