X Factor

X Factor: Week 2

Better late than never, here’s our Popfoolish take on the happenings on UK X Factor.

 Week Two: 7th and 8th September 2013

The best of a bad bunch, Tom Mann

The best of a bad bunch, Tom Mann

We’re not going to lie, no one really blew our socks off this week. So this week is really a case of picking from the best of a bad bunch. Our favourite contestant from this week was Tom Mann, who sung ‘How Ya Doing’, although we preferred his first audition, where he sung a rendition of ‘Let Her Go’. We also enjoyed Melanie McCabe’s ‘Titanium’, a very brave song choice as it leaves absolutely no room to hide.

Mini version of The Saturdays??

Mini version of The Saturdays??

TheEuphoria’ girls made an unwelcome return after last week and, predictably, they were completely awful. After a style revamp that brought to mind a mini Saturdays, the girls showed less vocal abilities than Victoria Beckham and were rather cruelly (but fairly) laughed off the stage. Relley‘s performance was also absolutely horrific. She completely murdered a wicked song, ‘Blind Faith’ by Chase & Status. A shame she couldn’t sing it, as it made a different song choice from Whitney Houston or One Direction. And of course Barclay Beales, also known as the young yodeller, was just terrible. He may be a capable yodeller but this is X Factor not Yodel Factor.



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