NEW: Move

Little Mix – Move

We find Little Mix a bit of an odd pop entity if we’re honest with you. Championed by self-styled ‘Female Boss’ Tulisa, who nobody really seems to like, they seem to cater towards the taste of people who listen a lot to One Direction and The Wanted. However, lest we forget, they released two extremely good singles last year, ‘Wings’ and ‘DNA’. Did this indicate that they had lots of potential? That somehow they actually contain parts of brilliance? Follow ups ‘Change Your Life’ and ‘How Ya Doing’ were both lacklustre releases for us, sounding boring, too generic and not managing to hit our sweet spot. Therefore, ‘The Mix’ (as nobody calls them) fell off our Popfoolish radars.

Well, Little Mix are back, and in ‘unlikely-but-not-totally-unexpected’ news, ‘Move’ is incredible. We mean it. Amazing. Absolutely fantastic. Not only is its sound pure pop but it is also a highly creative song with compelling production, offering a lovely contrast to what else is on the airwaves right now. In fact, it sounds like the sort of music Girls Aloud would (or should) be making if they were still with us (RIP), and the type of music we wish The Saturdays were capable of making. Therefore whilst we can still only name two members of the band, and whilst we think their image is horrendously tacky and offensive, this has most certainly piqued our interest in them.

Rating: 10/10 and the official Popfools seal of approval.


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