Thought of the Day

Thought of the day: On Frankie ‘Saturdays’ Sandford

We know we post a lot about The Saturdays, but we’re not going to apologise for our thorough analysis of the UK’s leading girlband. 

We were watching this Frankie-less performance of ‘Disco Love’, and then we decided to watch the ‘Gentleman’ video for the first time, and one thing struck us like a rock. The Saturdays have completely done away with Frankie. And we’re not talking about her sudden disappearance as we know that she’s pregnant. We’re talking about the subjugation of Frankie by The Other Saturdays (but particularly Rochelle and Una). Before you say, ‘well yes, she’s the pretty one who can’t sing’, we need to remind you of the halcyon glory days of The Saturdays. No, we’re not talking about their cover of ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, we’re on about ‘Missing You‘. Lead single of the all important sophomore album campaign, and who is given the opening lines and video time? Frankie. She is given the song’s most important line, the ‘I miss missing you’ hook, and appears to be in the middle of the group dancing scene. Put simply, Frankie is the queen bee. Add to this the fact that she is the most famous of all Saturdays at this point, having been one of the main S Club Juniors, (for example taking lead vocals on the chorus of ‘Automatic High‘), not to mention shortlived originally-named double act ‘Frankie & Calvin‘. Even on debut single ‘If This Is Love’, we can observe Frankie in the all-powerful central position as the chorus first kicks in. Not for nothing is she placed there.

Spot The Frankie

Spot The Frankie: Easy Edition

Spot The Frankie (She's not on the edge)

Spot The Frankie (She’s not on the edge)


Skip forwards to 'Gentleman' and Frankie is on the edge. Coincidence?

Skip forwards to ‘Gentleman’ and Frankie is on the edge. Coincidence?

All girlbands have a pecking order. Nicole Scherzinger was the Pussycat Dolls. Girls Aloud was led by Nadine until Cheryl transformed herself from racist chav to the nation’s sweetheart. Keisha was clearly the real motor of the Sugababes. And it appears clear to us that Frankie has recently fallen right down to the very bottom of Saturdays pecking order. This manifests itself not only in lack of video time (we get the whole ‘hiding the pregnancy’ thing even if we don’t agree with it) but in barely any solo lines on any of The Saturdays’ recent singles. Frankie has essentially been demoted to backing dancer. And this is not something we enjoy.


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