Mutya Mondays

Mutya Monday

Did you think our intelligentally-titled, well-researched feature had disappeared? Well fear not, for it is back,and like Mutya herself, won’t take no for an answer.

CD:UK – Hotshots (2003). The talent that is Cat Deeley interrogating Mutya, Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Tweedy on how much they like Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s new single ‘I Won’t Change You’

Our favourite Mutya moment is at 7:24 when our girl serves some realness to the Bextor.* During the interview she also lays into the Sugababes’ record label for making them release ‘Too lost In You’ to tie-in with Love Actually, rather than in the quieter January period. (‘They made us release it now…’)

Mutya Rating: Cat-claw-talon-tastic. MIAOW.

*We’re ignoring the fact that we actually like ‘I Won’t Change You’ and we think Mutya is wrong. Yikes.


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