Song of the Week

Song of The Week

Breaking all the rules cos we don’t care, like Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs only a hundred times more badass, we’re bringing you song of the week on Monday. This isn’t an ill-thought-through decision; conversely, by bringing you song of the week on a Monday we will brighten up your Monday whilst also giving you the rest of the week to listen to the song. Clever, eh? Although Rebecca Black may never forgive us…

Tommy Sparks – She’s Got Me Dancing

Did you miss this fun tune from 2009? Actually we must confess we missed the video first time round, and consequently are now a little bit scarred for life. It contains much twerking in a time before twerking was even called twerking and all on a budget of approximately 2 pence. But it’s not about the video. No. It’s all about the song. How can this NOT enhance your week?

Like all the best one hit wonders, we heard nothing of Tommy Sparks before or after this song, and we’re not especially sure we want to ruin the pop illusion by investigating further. Just sacrifice yourself to the God of pop music, relax that body, and shake that booty like you’re off your tits and it’s not even midnight yet.


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